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Rogers family - generation 2

This page has short biographies of the second generation. Much of the information is limited and we are seeking to expand the details. A summary of their children (the third generation is included):


The oldest child of William and Elizabeth, Alexander ROGERS was presumably named after his grandfather, and was known as 'Sandy'. It would appear he was born in Ayrshire, Scotland (one child's birth certificate1 says Troon) prior to his parents emigration. His death certificate says that of his 79 years he spent 2 years in South Australia, and 76 in New South Wales. Maiden's report2 of an interview with Sandy's niece Annie VIGAR (nee ROGERS) says he assisted his carpenter father with building fences on Tintinallogy at an early age. Grevilles 1872 directory lists him as a carrier of Menindee.

Sandy married Isabella May CHISOLM (who appears to have been known in later years as Isabel) on May 18, 1881 at Wilcannia. Isabella was the third daughter of Duncan, a Scotsman from Inverness, and Catherine CURRAN, an Irishwoman from County Kildare. Isabella was born in 1860 in Stawell, Victoria.3 The couple went on to have eleven children - the arrival of each child seems to have occurred almost regularly at two yearly intervals. .

Sandy's occupation can be followed through various certificates. At the time of his marriage in 1881, Sandy described himself as a contractor of Langiwirra. From his children's birth certificates4 we find in 1885 he was still a contractor but in Wilcannia. Two years later in 1887 he was a labourer at Old Tintinallogy. From 1889 to 1898 he was again a contractor at Tintinallogy, and then from 1902 at Woodstock. Subsequently his children's marriage certificates5 show that in 1908 he was a labourer, but from 1919 he is described as a grazier. His death certificate describes him as a grazier.6

Sandy passed away on December 20, 1932 from a rodent ulcer of the left jaw.7 'Rodent ulcer' is an older term for a basel cell carcinoma. This type of cancer is not always invasive, but as Sandy's case shows, if left untreated it can be fatal. The duration of his illness is listed as months. The place of death is listed as 'Slamannon', a property on the Ivanhoe road, about 40km to the east of Wilcannia. Isabel had predeceased Sandy on January 18, 1928, dying of cancer of the intestine at Wilcannia.8 Her death certificate notes she was 'late of Slammanon'. Both are buried in the cemetery at Wilcannia.

Alexander ROGERS
born: c.1853 Scotland
died: Dec 20, 1932 Slammanon, Wilcannia, NSW
married: May 18,1881 Wilcannia, NSW
born: 20 Mar 1860 Stawell, Vic
died: Jan 18, 1928 Wilcannia, NSW
Daisy Mayborn: Mar 13, 1882
died: Aug 13 1967 Adelaide SA
Margaret Elizabethborn: Jul 10, 1885
died: Jul 14 1961 Hindmarsh SA
Hilda Christinaborn: Jan 25, 1887 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Unknown
Jessie Isabellaborn: Jan 25, 1887 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Unknown
Una Glayd Catherineborn: Mar 8, 1889 Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Oct 18, 1924 Broken Hill, NSW
Duncan A.born: Mar 5, 1891 Tintinallogy, NSW
died: 7 Feb 1982
Jack Thompsonborn: Jul 13, 1893 Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Oct 19, 1947 Wilcannia, NSW
Irvine Ainsleyborn: Apr 29, 1895 Tintinallogy, NSW
died: 16 Jan 1969 Pennant Hills, NSW
Kenneth Georgeborn: Mar 18, 1898 Woodstock, NSW
died: 24 Feb 1973 Cobar, NSW
Edith Alice Gertrudeborn: Sep 25, 1900 Woodstock, NSW
died: Unknown
William Lindseyborn: Jul 7, 1902 Woodstock, NSW
died: Aug 22, 1902 Woodstock, NSW

Margaret ROGERS

Margaret 'Maggie' ROGERS had married Henry Frederick Christian 'Horrie' GEYER on April 4, 1876 at Wilcannia.9 Margaret was aged 17 (being born, as noted previously, on the Tarcoola station near Wentworth about 1859). Henry GEYER was the 25 year old son of German immigrants, Henrich GEYER and Johannah Henrietta KNIPPERT, born at the Burra Mines in South Australia in 1851.10 More information on Henry's parents can be found on the Geyer pages. Little other evidence has come to hand about his early life, but we know from his death certificate that he moved to New South Wales by at least 1870.11 Evidence regarding his father suggests he may have been in NSW earlier, but there's no confirmation they were travelling together by that time. (His younger brother August's death certificate suggests August was in NSW by 186412).

Henry GEYER was said to be the best blade shearer on the Darling in his time.13 (Maiden and Galloway) On his marriage certificate14 in 1876 he listed his occupation as bullock-driver. He also gave his usual residence as Old Tintinallogy, so he may have been settled there a while. A note in Thomas Galloway's diary15 that "Mag had Horrie Geyer for a boyfriend and there was always a bit of trouble" suggests a possibly tempetuous relationship. After marrying, the couple had twelve children. More on these below.

Henry's name is a source of confusion. It seems he was known as Henry (just like his father) and also carried the nickname Horrie.16 Henry is an anglicisation of Heinrich. But what was the rest of his name? The wedding certificate gives his name as Frederick Lebolt Henry Geyer, as does the birth certificate for oldest child Alex.17 Next child Minnie's birth certificate18 has Frederick Leopold. The certificate for third child William and fourth child Hilda, gives Henry.19 The next certificate is for Edith20 and lists her father as Frederick Henry and the informant (noted as father) as Henry. The certificates for the remaining children list their father and the informant as Henry Geyer.21 Henry's death certificate, for which his wife Maggie was the informant gives his name as Henry Frederick Christian.22 It is not clear at this point what his given name was, but it would seem that Henry was his preferred name.

Henry's occupation is given on his marriage certificate in 1876 as bullock-driver. By following the birth certificates of his children we find in 1877 and 1879 he describes himself as a laborer.23 It would seem the couple maintained the Old Tintinallogy property after the deaths of Margaret's parents. In 1881 Henry describes his occupation as selector, but in 1883 and 1885 it is again laborer.24 It is not clear what Henry was doing, but he may possibly have still been engaged in shearing and other work. In 1886 after the death of daughter Hilda, he lists himself as both selector and laborer on her death certificate.25 In January 1888 he describes himself as a rabbiter. In 1888 we know that Henry Geyer took up the license of the Old Tintinallogy Hotel which had not been licensed since Elizabeth Rogers' death.26 By 1890 Henry described himself on daughter Lily's birth certificate as a publican, and again in 1892 on son Henry's.27 In registering the remainder of his children's births he described himself as a hotel keeper. From the NSW Government Gazette we know he retained the publican's license for the rest of his life.28

Henry GEYER passed away on June 10, 1905 at the age of 54 years. The death certificate reports the cause as "supposed hydatids", as he had been operated on for this six years previously, and that no inquest was necessary.29 Henry was buried at Old Tintinallogy the next day. Margaret continued to operate the Hotel, but died suddenly less than two years and a half years later on November 22, 1907, aged only 48. The death certificate records an inquest was held by H. Malone, the coroner of Wilcannia, on November 24th and the cause of death given as fatty degeneration of the heart.30 Family tradition suggests that having been left with the stresses of a young family (six of the children were still under 16 when Henry died) and the property to run, alcohol played a part in her demise. Margaret was buried at Old Tintinallogy on November 24, 1907.

Henry Frederick Christian GEYER
born: c.1851 The Burra Mines, SA
died: 10 Jun, 1905 Old Tintinollogy, NSW
married Apr 4, 1876 Wilcannia, NSW
Margaret ROGERS
born: c.1859 Tarcoola Station, nr Pooncarie, NSW
died: 22 Nov 1907 Old Tintinollogy, NSW
Alexander Frederick born: Feb 6, 1877 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Dec 11, 1940 Albermarle station, NSW.
Minnie Alice born: Jan 25, 1879 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: c.
William Henry born: Jan 31, 1881 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Sep 15 1967 Broken Hill, NSW
Hilda Elizabeth born: May 15, 1883 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: December 24, 1886 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
Edith Margaret born: Oct 1, 1885 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Jun 18 1987 Broken Hill, NSW
Hilda Elizabeth born: Nov 25, 1887 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: May 2 1956 Broken Hill, NSW
Lily Maud born: Feb 3, 1890 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Nov 11 1969 Foxton, NZ
Henry August born: Jul 13, 1892 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Dec 12 1972 St Leonards, NSW
Florence Annie born: Dec 21, 1894 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Nov 14, 1962 Broken Hill, NSW
John born: Aug 19, 1897 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Sep 7, 1897 (Infant Death) Old Tintinallogy, NSW
Catherine Irven born: Nov 28, 1899 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Mar 2, 1999 Menindee, NSW
Alfred John born: Nov 28, 1899 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Oct 12 1986 Broken Hill, NSW

William Thompson ROGERS Jnr

William Thompson is clearly named for his father. His birth certificate shows he was born on Weinteriga station on July 13, 1862.31 Various sources show that he was engaged in a wide range of work - shearing, tank-sinking, and apparently any other aspect of station life.32 It has been said that after his girlfriend passed away, he did not marry. William was a lifelong bachelor.33

William would appear to have been in White Cliffs area in the time leading up to his final illness where he was a station labourer (It's not known who he was working for, but his niece was running Polpah station, about 25km east of White Cliffs). He passed away at the District hospital at Wilcannia on December 7, 1936, aged 74 (not 75 years as recorded on his certificate). The cause of death was pneumonia due to advanced epithilioma of his upper lip, which lasted five days. He is also noted as suffering from senility over the previous year. He was buried in the Wilcannia cemetery the day after he died.34

William Thompson ROGERS
born: Jul 13,1862 Weinteriga, NSW
died: Dec 7, 1936 District Hospital, Wilcannia. NSW
married: never married

John 'Jack' Rogers

John Rogers, who was known as 'Jack' appears to have been born on Weinteriga Station about 1863.35 The details come from the birth certificate of his oldest child (and supported by the others), and as Jack was the informant, we can assume this is accurate. He would have moved soon after with his family to Old Tintinallogy.

"Jack Rogers worked around the Station, colt breaking and horse dealing. He was one of the best riders in the district. In the early 80's when the Tarcoola gold rush was on he took a mob of fat horses and sold some and exchanged some. It was not a very good trip as some horses died before he got them back here."36

Jack married Agnes Mary McCARTHY on December 29, 1890.37 Agnes, who was registered as Mary, was the daughter of Charles McCarthy, an Irish labourer and Julia Wallace. Agnes was born on January 24, 1869 on the Kallara station near Bourke.38 Thomas Galloway tells us that Charlie would not give his permission for the couple to marry, so they waited till Agnes turned 21 and then went to Wilcannia to get married.39 But as the dates show, she was almost 22. The marriage took place in St James Church at Wilcannia. Curiously this is an Anglican Church, and the couple were both Catholic. The Minister was Charles West, and the witnesses were Robert and Bridget Rutherford. At the time of the marriage Jack described himself as a contractor, normally resident at Old Tintinallogy. Agnes described herself as a domestic, and normally resident at The Bowers, Weinteriga.

The couple had at least six children: Annie Agnes (also recorded as Agnes Annie) but known as Annie (born 1890)40, Charles William known as William (born 1892)41, Ethel (born c.1894)42, Alexander (born 1896)43, Albert John also listed in the BDM index Henry John but baptised otherwise, born 1898)44 and Edward John (registered as John, born 1900)45 born four months after the death of his father. A further child named Mary is listed as John's, but as the child was not born until 1911, it would seem the father is now unknown.46

The records show that in 1890 John was a contractor at Weinteriga, and this is repeated in 1892.47 In 1896 he held the Nelia Vale Homestead lease, and John is described as a sheep farmer.48 In 1899 he was at the Belle Vue Hotel at rocky waterholes,and the following year is listed in the Government Gazette as publican.49 In1900 John was also a homestead leassee, holding Nelia Vale.50 This matches well to the memory of Thomas Galloway who wrote "In the 1890 flood they were living where Neilla Garrie House is now and Jack was cutting wood for Ned Wolfe for River steamers. While living there Annie was born and they later went to live in McCarthy's house, opposite Weinteriga. In 1892, Jack was camped at Tepter Lake, kangarooing and my brother George was camped with him. When Bill was born in 1893, he took up the block and in the same year AW Vigar took up Nelia Garri and they started to work together on the fences. They bought the first mob of sheep from Tintinollogy for 1/6 a head and he worked on the block until 1899, when he went into Rocky hotel for 12 months. After leaving the Rocky, he got a bad hand and he died in August 1900."51 (Galloway p16)

Jack died on August 6, 1900 at the Wilcannia Hospital.52 He was only 37 years of age. The cause of death was a whitlow of a finger (an infection). Over the course of a month this had turned to septicemia and as a result he died a week later. Jack was buried in Wilcannia the following day. Maiden tells the story that due to a flood on the Darling Jack had taken his family to Wilcannia, and then returned to the family property. Some of the sheep had developed an infection, and rather than lose their value entirely, Jack chose to skin them for their pelts. In doing so he cut himself and the wound became infected, killing him within 24 hours. Mrs Rogers then returned to the property with her children aboard the paddle steamer 'Shannon' (which was a well known vessel of that time (Parsons 1987 p115)) and took up the running of the property with the assistance off her sons until her death in 1950.53 The property was later renamed Bookameena54 (Maiden) or Boolcomena55 (Ethel Ritter - Mary 9 Feb 2007)

Agnes Rogers passed away on Dec 20, 1948 aged 80 years at the Broken Hill & District hospital.56 Sha had been living at 678 Chapple street, Broken Hill. The cause of death was given as cardiac failure over a few hours, although she had experienced myocardial degeneration for a number of years. She was buried in the Broken Hill cemetery the following day.

born: c.1863 Weinteriga Station, Wilcannia, NSW
died: Aug 6, 1900 Wilcannia, NSW.
married: Dec 29,1890 Wilcannia, NSW
Agnes Mary McCARTHY
born: c.1868
died: c.December1948
Agnes Annieborn: Dec 22, 1890 Weinteriga station, NSW
died: May 30, 1987 Broken Hill, NSW
Charles Williamborn: May 12, 1892 Weinteriga Station, Wilcannia, NSW
died: Sep 3, 1972
Ethel Maryborn: c.1894
died: unknown
Alexanderborn: Jul 4, 1896 Nelia Vale, NSW
died: July 28, 1966
Albert Johnborn: 7 Jul 1899, Belle Vue Hotel, Wilcannia District, NSW
died: 28 Oct 1980
Edward Johnborn: 14 Dec 1900 Nelia Vale, NSW
died: Jan 6, 1987 Broken Hill, NSW

Elizabeth 'Liz' ROGERS

Liz Rogers, the last of the Rogers children, was born on August 22 , 1867 at what would become the family's permanent home, Old Tintinallogy. Reflecting the isolation of the new home, her birth was not registered by father William until October 15th at Wentworth.57

Liz married at age 20 to William Bradbury Jnr on September 19, 1888.58 William, was born about 1860 in Sandhurst Victoria (Nb the children's birth certificate say Sandhurst, Eaglehawk, and Bendigo - Eaglehawk was a parish of Sandhurst, and the various goldfields in the area were later subsumed under the name Bendigo (source Alex Bradbury )59). His death certificate notes he spent 18 years in Victoria, and the remainder of his life in New South Wales.60 Apparently known as Bill or Billy, he was the 28 year old son of William Snr, a mine manager, and Mary O'Neil. The marriage took place at the Registrar's office in Broken Hill and was conducted by John J. Williams in the presence of William Shells and Eliza Nielsen.61 The couple had two boys and three girls. Sadly the two boys both predeceased their father in 1897. Their deaths occured in White Cliffs, but were both registered in Wilcannia.

We have a description of the couple from Thomas Galloway. "Liz Rogers married Billy Bradbury in 1889, and took the Roseborough Hotel, which was about a mile from Albemarle Station on the East Side of the River. While there, Bradbury was training a horse called 'Jackeroo' over hurdles, it fell and hurt Bradbury's back and he was an invalid after that. In 1895 they went to the Boiling Down Works near Menindee, and opened a boarding house. In 1896, they came to Balaka Mail change and opened a boarding house. They also sold sly grog. Later they went to White Cliffs and Liz started dressmaking. She was over 90 years when she died."62

When the couple married in 1888, Liz was a dressmaker in Broken Hill, and William was a Station Overseer of Menindie.63 When their first child was born the following month William was listed as a publican, living at Albemarle (location of the Roseborough).64 In1892 he describes himself as a labourer of Menindie, in 1894 as a labourer of Old Tintinallogy, and in 1897 as a laborer of White Cliffs.65 In 1898 his occupation had changed to opal miner, for which White Cliffs was known.66

At White Cliffs, Bill Bradbury worked as an opal miner. Unfortunately in July 1901 he contracted bronchial pneumonia and after an illness estimated at three days, he passed away on July 25th.67 He was buried the next day in White Cliffs CoE cemetery. As noted above, Liz earned a living as a dressmaker. Liz passed away on January 10, 1956, the cause being recorded as a) senility, and b) a fractured femur.68 Although normally resident at White Cliffs, she died in the Broken Hills and District Hospital. She was buried in the CoE cemetery at Broken Hill.

Elizabeth ROGERS
born: Aug 22, 1867 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: Jan 10, 1956 Broken Hill
married: Sep 19, 1888
born: c.1860
died: July 25, 1901
Maude Edithborn: Oct 12, 1888 Menindie, NSW
Elsie Vivianborn: May 16, 1892 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
William Thompsonborn: Dec 16, 1894 Old Tintinallogy, NSW
died: May 3, 1897 White Cliffs, NSW
Thomas Alexanderborn: Jun 28, 1897 White Cliffs, NSW
died: Jul 10, 1897 White Cliffs, NSW
Olive Margaretborn: Oct 9,1898 White Cliffs, NSW


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The menu photo depicts the Darling River at Old Tintinallogy. Photo by Mary Wilson ©2006