The Researchers:

Phillip TREWEEK is a 6th generation descendant (Gt.Gt.Gt.Grandson) of William Thompson ROGERS and Elizabeth IRVEN, and Henry GEYER and Johanna KNIPPERT.

Phil has had an interest in genealogy since he was a teenager. Having followed his paternal lines for many years, he turned to his maternal lines in 2006 and started on this project, following on the work of Patricia MORRISON (nee BORTHWICK).

Phil is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. He can be contacted at:

Mary WILSON (nee HARDINGHAM) was born and bred in the Western Division. She developed an interest in history while working at Maiden's Menindee Pub during the 1990s.

Mary has a keen interest in Darling Country 'local' cemeteries and lone graves, and has been involved in a number of projects to commemorate previously unmarked graves. She runs a web site supporting genealogists with headstone photos and information.

Mary is located in Broken Hill, NSW. She can be contacted at:

We have been assisted by:

  • Doug BURT
  • Samantha DUANCE
  • Gwen FORD
  • Max HAM
  • Joan HILL
  • Gwen HURST
  • Katherine JOHNSTONE

  • Chris LE MAY
  • Avis LE MAY
  • Gloria LUMLEY
  • Rod McCULLY
  • Hughie McINNES
  • Doreen MINTER
  • Ethel RITTER
  • Les van der SLUYS
  • and numerous others...

I also wish to acknowledge the late Patricia MORRISON, who provided the initial impetus to get this project underway.


The menu photo depicts the pepper trees on the sandhill at Old Tintinallogy. Photo by Mary Wilson ©2006