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Geyer family - generation 2

This page has short biographies of the first family of the second generation (Henry GEYER and Johanna KNIPPERT). Much of the information is limited and we are seeking to expand the details. The second family is on the next page.

Johanna Henrietta GEYER

The eldest child of Henry GEYER and Johanna Henrietta KNIPPERT was born at the Burra in the Murray district of South Australia on June 14, 1850.1 Little is known of her early life apart from the experiences of the GEYER family as detailed in the previous section. We do know that by 1869 she was in New South Wales, as she married Thomas EVERUSS on September 9th of that year.2

Thomas EVERUSS (also spelt EVERISS) was the 24 year old son of James EVERISS (born c.1821), a labourer, and Mary SEWARD (born c.1824). Thomas was born in 1845 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.3 In 1851 at the time of the census, the EVERUSS family were resident in the parish of Herriard. It is not known what happened to James EVERUSS, but in 1852, Mary and her three children (William, Thomas, and Eliza) boarded the "China" for South Australia with one James BAKER (born c.1833), another resident of the area. The infant Eliza died during the voyage. Also onboard were William and George SEWARD, Mary's brothers.4

At the time ofJohanna and Thomas' wedding, Johanna was employed as a domestic servant at the Royal Mail Hotel. Thomas was employed as a coach driver and gave his usual residence as Wentworth. He appears to have been illiterate as he signed with his mark. The couple were married by a Church of Scotland minister, W.M. Ross, in the house of Mr Creek at Wentworth. The witnesses were Thomas Tinpin and Agnes Steward.5 Although Johanna gave her age as 21, she would in fact have only been 19. One can wonder whether she did so because she did not have her parent's permission, or perhaps could not contact them. (The GEYERs were in Wilcannia in November of that year6). The couple proceeded to have six children - Thomas James (registered as James - b.1870), Minnie (b.1871, d.1872), Mary Eveline (b.1872), William Henry (b.1875), Florence Jane (b.1878) and Frederick John George (apparently registered as Alfred John - b.1880).

It would appear that in 1869 or soon after Thomas Everuss was working for Michael Doohan, an Irishman originally from County Cork who had the Wentworth-Menindee-Wilcannia mail contract.7 The mail route from Wentworth north was along the east bank of the Darling river. In 1870 when Thomas James was born8 Thomas Snr was working as a mailman, although in 1871 and 1872 after Minnie and Mary's births9 this was termed mail-driver. Doohan died in 1874 aged only 32. "The History of Pooncarie and District 10 records that "probably the first coach and Royal Mail run was operated by Tom Everitt between Wentworth and Wilcannia in the early 1870's. Everitt sold the run to Z. and S. Burton who had extensive coach and mail services in north-west Victoria and south-west New South Wales." A similar error in spelling can be found in the History of Wentworth where he is recorded as Tom Everittes.11 It seems the local's remembered the mailman rather than the contractor.

The birth place for the first four children was Wentworth, but the informants addresses change from Wentworth in 1870 to Pooncaria (the original name for Pooncarie) in 1871, and Tarcoola station in 1875.12 It is conceivable that Johanna travelled into Wentworth for her confinement, as Adelaide SEWARD is present at each of the births. (Adelaide SEWARD may have been the wife of Thomas' Uncle William. A William SEWARD is listed in the 1870 electoral roll for Wentworth13, and in Grevilles 1872 directory as a labourer in Wentworth. Second child Minnie sadly died at only 3 months of age just before Christmas 1871 at Pooncarie, so this would support the view that Johanna moved to Wentworth as her time was near. Minnie was buried at Pooncarie.10 Whether Tom gave up being a driver when Doohan lost the contract or died is unclear, but the family moved to Tarcoola station soon after. At the time of William's birth in 1875, Thomas Snr is described as a boundary rider.11 The next child, Florence was born at Old Tarcoola in 1878, and Thomas Snr is described as a laborer.12 By 1880 when the sixth child was born, the family had moved to Wilcannia, and Thomas Snr was working as a contractor.13

No information is available as to why the family moved north to Wilcannia. But by 1881 Thomas EVERUSS was employed as a carrier. Unfortunately he died on April 13, 1881.14 A family story says that he died of pneumonia - the family was living near Pooncarie and that after seeing a doctor Johanna tried to take him to hospital at Wilcannia. As the previous paragraphs show, this does not seem very likely, as is likely to be a composite of remembered details. Thomas' death certificate shows that the cause of death is listed as cold (which could mean pneumonia) and that he died near Tarella station (which is to the north-west of Wilcannia) after three days illness. Given the date, the location and his listed occupation, it would seem that Thomas was engaged in carrying goods to a station, or to Mt Browne where gold had recently been discovered. The informant on Thomas' death certificate was Johanna, and she appears to have been resident in Wilcannia. Thomas was buried in the Wilcannia cemetery on April 19, 1881. Rusheens Craig's Summary of Inquests notes 'Thomas Everis' died of natural causes near Wilcannia, and lists property of 6 horses and wagon values about 宼a href="#15" class="note">15

Johanna remained resident in Wilcannia. She had a seventh child in Wilcannia in September 1883. Alfred Martin carried the Everiss name, but his father appears to have been James MARTIN, a 35 year old English teamster. The details appear on the birth registration, but have been crossed out. In the marriage field, the birth is noted as illegitimate.16 The family home was in Hood St as a mortgage for the property was registered to the The Wilcannia Benefit Building Society on January 25, 1884.17

The Widow EVERISS remarried on October 8, 1886 to David PINNUCK, a widower. The wedding certificate shows that David was employed as a sawyer, and that Johanna had been working as a nurse. The wedding was conducted by Benjamin Lane, a Wesleyan minister, in the residence of Mrs Hewitt - the witnesses were Matilda Hewitt and Henry Chapman.18 David was born in London about 1837, the son of George and Rebecca. David had married in about 1860 to Elizabeth DARBY, with whom he had 4 sons and a daughter (Albert, David, Adelaide, George, and an unidentified male).19 The family appears to have come to Australia about 1864 (indicated by his death certificate stating he had been 19 years in Victoria and 39 years in New South Wales). It is not currently known when Elizabeth died.

It would appear the new couple continued to live for some time at the Hood street home. The first two of the couple's three children being born there - Ernest Edward in August 1887, and Lavinia Myrtle in March 1889.20 At some point the family moved to Broken Hill, although it is not clear when. The last child of the marriage, Richard Chester PINNUCK was born in Bonanza street, then known as South Broken Hill in 1893.21 The birth certificates for Ernest and Lavinia show that David continued to work as a sawyer while in Wilcannia. After the move to Broken Hill, he appears to have worked as a carter or carrier - these occupations being shown on the birth certificate for Richard in 1893 and on the death certificate for Lavinia in 1912.22 At the time of his death, he was listed as a laborer.23

Johanna died on May 19, 1920 (presumably at home, at 42 Bonanza St, Broken Hill), aged 70 years.24 The cause of death was given as senile debility which had been present for a month, a hernia which had been present for 14 days, and dysentery. It would seem that this strong woman's body failed her rapidly at the end. She was buried in the Broken Hill cemetery two days later. David PINNUCK passed away at the Broken Hill & District Hospital on February 24, 1922, at the age of 84.25 The cause of death was given as senility. Like his wife, he was buried in the Broken Hill cemetery two days later.

Johanna Henrietta GEYER
born: 14 June 1850 The Burra Mines, SA
died: 19 May, 1920 Broken Hill, NSW

(1) married 9 Sep 1869 Wentworth, NSW
(3) married 8 Oct 1886 Wilcannia, NSW
(1) Thomas EVERISS
born: c.1845 Basingstoke, England
died: 13 Apr, 1881 near Wilcannia, NSW
(2) James MARTIN?.
(3) David PINNUCK
born: c.1837 London, England
died: 24 Feb 1922 Broken Hill, NSW
Children (1)
Thomas Jamesborn: 16 Jul 1870 Wentworth, NSW
died: c.1933
Minnie Henriettaborn: 27 Sep 1871 Wentworth, NSW
died: 23 Dec 1871 Pooncarie, NSW
Mary Evelineborn: 20 Nov 1872 Wentworth, NSW
died: c.1948
William Henryborn: 24 Mar 1875 Wentworth, NSW
died: c.1937
Florence Janeborn: 13 Jan 1878 Old Tarcoola, NSW
died: c.1957
Frederick J.G. aka Alfred Johnborn: 9 Mar 1880 Wilcannia, NSW
died: c.1932
Children (2)
Alfred Martinborn: 11 Sep 1883
died: c.1932
Children (3)
Edward Ernestborn: Aug 1887 Wilcannia, NSW
died: c.1958
Lavinia M.born: 27 Mar 1889 Wilcannia, NSW
died: 7 Dec 1912 Broken Hill
Richard Chesterborn: 30 Apr 1893 Broken Hill, NSW
died: c.1953

Heinrich Frederick Christian GEYER

See Margaret Rogers

Wilhelmina GEYER

We have a little information on Minnie GEYER. She appears to have been born about 1853 in the Mt.Gambier region. 26 She presumably travelled with the family from South Australia to New South Wales. She married in Hay on February 15, 1874, to James HURST. James HURST was the son of John HURST (originally from Claybrooke, Leics) and Sarah BURDETT (originally from Gumley, Leics). James was born Oct 20, 1849 in Campbelltown, NSW, the 6th of ten children.27 The marriage certificate has only the barest of details. We know that James was a stockman, and that he and Minnie were not previously married. The marriage was conducted by Samuel Alex Hamilton, a Presbyterian minister, and the witnesses were Henry Hurst and Emily Douglas. Both the bride and groom gave their usual residence as Hay.28

The couple had 12 children. It would appear that after marrying James gave up the life of a stockman to become a carrier. He seems to have kept to this occupation for at least a decade as the birth certificates up to 1884 show. The family are initially recorded in Hay (Emma, born 1874)29, and then from 1876 to 1882 at Marked Tree Point, upstream of Hay on the Murrumbidgee River (Rose Ethel, b.1876; Sarah, b.1878; Minnie Blanche, b.1879; and Bella, b.1882)30, and then by 1884 are in the Gunbar area (Annie, b.1884)31. In 1887 (Mary Jane)32, James describes himself as a hotel keeper of McKinley Hotel on the Hillston Rd in the District of Hillston. The next birth in 1889 (William James)33 occurred in Gunbar and James described himself as a a contractor. In 1891 (Phoebe May)34 the birth was at McKinley, and this time James describes himself as a carrier and hotel keeper. So perhaps he had been engaged in both activities. The remaining three births (Richard Charles, b.1894; Lilly Florence, b.1896; and Henry Francis, b.1898)35 are all at McKinley and in each instance James is described as a hotel keeper. The two occupations are supported by a list of licensed publicans that indicate James Hurst would have been a publican at McKinley's Hotel between Hillston and Gunbar from 1887 to at least 1901.36

We have a small insight into life at the McKinley hotel. Eric Clancy in his book on the Clancy family notes: "McKinley Hotel, one of the many wayside inns that dotted the countryside, was run by James Hurst, who had a number of daughters, including Emma, Ethel and Willima. Hurst was a hospitable inn-keeper who regularly ran dances at the Hotel on Saturday nights. Will and Pat Clancy, whenever possible, rode to Mckinley, and shared in this past-time. Pat sometimes contributed the music for the evening with his violin, and both sang."37 Willima may have been a nickname, or possible Mrs Hurst's name has been remembered in place of one of her daughters. Clancy goes on to note "It was customary to hold Picnic Races at McKinley on New Year's Day, and the account of the races held in 1901 is fairly typical:

"The gathering at J. Hurst's McKinley Hotel numbered over one hundred. They came from Hillston, Gunbar, Whealbah and local properties. The racing was really good, the entrances in every event being numerous. Mr W. Clancy had the burdensome duties as Secretary, and among those who worked hard to make the meeting a success were Messrs J. Taylor, G. Henderson, G. Hurst, R. Latham and J. Hurst. Mr Latham occupied the judge's post, and Mr A. Hurst was starter. A phonograph, a shooting gallery, and a spinning jenny occupied the attention of a good many in the intervals of racing. The weather was fine, although rather warm. Good order prevailed throughout. Constable Shiels was present."38

The report proceeded to tell of the dancing which followed and continued until sunrise next day. Messrs Maddern, Ilisley, O'Brien and Adams provided the music. Two years previously, Pat Clancy and C. Maddern provided music with their violins, plus four others playing accordions. The people were in a jubilant mood at the 1901 function because over an inch of rain had fallen at Mckinley on 26th and 29th December - a most unusual fall within recent years."

"Hurst, James" of "McKinley, via Gunbar" appeared on the roll of landholders entitled to vote at the election of the Rabbit Board for the Hay Rabbit District (under The Rabbit Act of 1901) published in the Riverine Grazier of 27 May 1902. 39

The years between 1902 and 1923 are somewhat blank, except for a mention in Nancy Low's Pioneers of Gunbar. "The marriage of James (Jimmie) Thompson of Gunbar and Elizabeth Margaret Jane McColl of Gunbar took place at Glen Ayron, the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hurst in 1906. The had two children when Elizabeth died from tetanus in 1909. The Hurst family reared the children."40 James was listed as next-of-kin for sons William and Richard when they enlisted in the AIF in 1916.41 At that time his address was "Glen Ayron, Hillston Rd, via Carathool" confirming they were the J.Hurst family mentioned in Low's book. At some point after that the couple moved to Sydney.

Minnie passsed away on June 27, 1923 at 230 Doncaster Avenue, Kensington in the municipality of Randwick, aged 70 years.42 The cause of death was given as senility and cardiac syncope. She was buried the next day in the Waverley cemetery. James passed away on July 14 1929 at 14 Liverpool st, Rose Bay, Waverley.43 The cause of death was Aortic (Cardiac) disease. At that time he was noted as being a farmer. James was buried two days later in the Waverley cemetery.

Wilhelmina GEYER
born: c.1853 Mt Gambier, SA
died: 27 Jun 1923 Randwick, NSW
married : 15 Feb 1874 Hay, NSW
born: 20 Oct 1849 Campbelltown, NSW
died: 14 Jul 1929 Waverley, NSW
Emmaborn: 21 Nov 1874 Hay, NSW
died: c.1943
Rose Ethelborn: 19 Aug 1876 Marked Tree Point, Hay, NSW
died: c.1945
Sarahborn: 18 Apr 1878 Marked Tree Point, Hay, NSW
died: 1879
Minnie Blancheborn: 19 Aug 1879 Mark Tree Point, Hay, NSW
died: c.1960
Bellaborn: 28 Jan 1882 Mark Tree Point, Hay, NSW
died: unknown
Annieborn: 29 Jan 1884 Gunbar, NSW
died: c.1963
Mary Janeborn: 18 Mar1887 McKinley Hotel, near Hillston, NSW
died: c.1967
William Jamesborn: 23 Mar1889 Gunbar, NSW
died: c.1966
Phoebe Mayborn: 31 May,1891 McKinley, near Hillston, NSW
died: c.1981
Richard Charlesborn: 1 Feb 1894 McKinley, near Hillston, NSW
died: unknown
Lilly Florenceborn: 30 May1896 McKinley, near Hillston, NSW
died: 1896
Henry Francisborn: 10 Apr 1898 McKinley , near Hillston, NSW
died: c.1979

August Frederick Leopold GEYER

August GEYER was born about 1857 in Mt.Gambier, South Australia. Since most of the available information relates to his death 44, little is known about his early life. The death certificate indicates he spent 37 years in New South Wales, which suggests he entered the state about 1864. He would have been about 7-years old. It is unknown when he left his father's care.

August married Catherine B. BRITTON on May 18, 1886.45 From the rather bare certificate, it can be seen that the marriage was conducted by Father Walter Curran at Silverton, NSW. Both of the couple stated that their usual residence was the Pinnacles. August was then employed as a butcher. It is not known what Catherine did. Catherine was 21 years old, having been born at Pooncarie on Mar 7, 1865. She was the daughter of Arthur BRITTON an storekeeper from London and Mary ALBERT, an Irish lass. Arthur BRITTON was the publican of the Cliffs Hotel at Tartna Point on Tolarno station from 1866 to 187246 and listed as an innkeeper in Greville's 1872 directory). The witnesses were Hugh KEARNS and Blanche BRITTON. The latter would have been her younger sister. The death of a Hugh A. KEARNS is recorded in Silverton in 1887.

The couple had five children. Certificates show they were at the Pinnacles for the births of Ada Augusta (b.1887), Ernest Leopold (b.1888), Hilda Gertrude (b.1890), and Edwin Henry (b.1892)47. August was still working as a butcher when Ada was born, but by the time Ernest arrived at the end of November 1888, August had changed his occupation to contractor. We cannot ascertain exactly when the family moved to Broken Hill, but it was certainly before March 1897 when Christina was born48 in Boughtman St, South Broken Hill. At that time August described himself as a miner. Nearly two years later, when Christina sadly died49 of pneumonia and related complications (also in Boughtman st, presumably the family residence), he described himself as a labourer.

August died on Tuesday February 26, 1901 at the Broken Hill & District hospital as the result of an accident.50 He was employed at the B.H.P. Mine as a labourer (although the death certificate says silver miner). An inquest into the accident was held the following day at the Broken Hill Courthouse before Mr T. Hall, the Coroner. As related by George Thomas Miles, a fellow labourer about 30 yards from the scene (and corroborated by John Lewis CAMERON another labourer, and Thomas H. LEE, a ganger); it would appear that about 2.30pm August had been asked to move some trucks on the company line. After he lifted the brakes the two trucks then moved about 15 yards, but when he went to put down the brake he stumbled and a wheel of one of the trucks ran over his legs. Mr MILES ran to his assistance and eased the wheel off August's leg with a pinch bar. Dr BROWN examined August at the scene and he was admitted to hospital. Dr SEABROOK, the Resident Surgeon of the hospital described August's injuries as fractures to both thighs, a fracture to the right leg, several fractured ribs and internal injuries. As a result of the injuries, he died of shock later the same day. The jury at the inquest returned a verdict of accidental death.51.

August was buried in the Broken Hill cemetery on February 28th. His grave has no headstone. He is commemorated on the miner's memorial. At this point almost nothing is known of what became of Catherine and his family following the accident. At some point they moved to South Australia. Catherine died on 13 Jan 1942. Oldest son Ernest Leopold GEYER had also been accidently killed on 17 Jan 1913 age 24. The other son, Edwin Henry married Margaret Lily CONWAY in South Australia on September 18, 1937. Edwin passed away in August 1972. His wife Lily hads passed away in July the previous year. Hilda Gertrude GEYER married George JONES on 11 April 1914. She passed away on 30 June 1943, less than eighteen months after her mother.52

August Frederick Leopold GEYER
born: c.1857 Mt Gambier, SA
died: 26 Feb, 1901, Broken Hill, NSW
married: 18 May 1886 Silverton, NSW
Catherine BRITTON
born: c.1864
died: 13 Jan 1942 Northfield, SA
Ada Augustaborn: 30 Oct 1887 The Pinnacles, NSW
died: unknown
Ernest Leopoldborn: 30 Nov 1888 The Pinnacles, NSW
died: c.1913 Stepney, SA ?
Hilda Gertrudeborn: 9 Nov 1890 The Pinnacles, NSW
died: unknown
Edwin Henryborn: 5 Apr 1892 The Pinnacles, NSW
died: 26 Aug 1972
Christinaborn: 25 Mar1897 Broken Hill, NSW
died: 28 Feb, 1899 South Broken Hill, NSW


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